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The brand Novomatic are the biggest land based casino game provider in the world with the range of Novomatic games being very common place in the aisles of land based casinos globally. The inception of the internet created a demand for the Novomatic games to be moved onto an online platform so that people could enjoy them from the comfort of their own homes. The internet meant that people could play the games from their own homes eliminating the need for them to travel to a land based casino which was a very popular move with players. The variety of Novomatic games is large with lots of different titles being made available for players to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. The rise of online gaming has been huge with players loving the opportunity to enjoy fantastic recreations of their favourite land based Novomatic games on an online platform. The visual and sound effects that are used to present these games is fantastic with the highest quality effects bringing these games to life. The quality of the visual and sound effects that are used is very important as this is an important factor effecting players enjoyment levels.

The range of Novomatic games that players can enjoy is vast with numerous different themes presented so that as many player types and their personal interests as possible are satisfied. The types of themes available through the range of Novomatic games include history, traditional, fantasy, action and adventure and animated. The best selling of the Novomatic games is the brilliant Novomatic Book of Ra game which is an action and adventure game. The game places players into the shoes of an explorer who learns of the existence of an ancient book which has the power to grant the holder wealth and fortune. The explorer travels to Egypt to delve deep into ancient Egyptian mythology in an effort to try and uncover the book. The slot is one of the most atmospheric of all the Novomatic games and players will really feel like they are searching in tombs and pyramids through the quality of the visual and sound effects that are used. The game play used in the best selling game is also excellent as it offers players a medium sized slot format and three excellent bonuses. The bonuses are fantastic as they have great functionality and can be very lucrative.

The different contributing factors that are important in creating an online slot game include the game play, visual and sound effects and the theme. Players when making their selection of which Novomatic games to enjoy should select a theme which appeals to their personal interests. The themes of the various Novomatic games are all presented in stunning visual effects which include the fantastic backgrounds, title text and symbols.

The sound effects used across the range of Novomatic games are also brilliant and manage to build slots tempos and in other slots create a very relaxing environment. The next important element of the Novomatic games performance is the game play and this is the most crucial factor for players. The game play controls how much money a player can win and how easily this can be done. The various slots all have different formats and players should select a slot which offers them an amount of win lines and reels that they would enjoy. The various slots all have them same main objective and that is to line up connecting symbols across one of the active win lines. The different symbols all result in differing winning amounts and these can all be researched in the pay tables.

The Novomatic games have several different bonus features across their collection of titles. The most common bonuses include the scatter, substitute, random and gamble features. The gamble bonus is seen in all of the Novomatic games and is an optional bonus offering players the chance to accept or decline it after a winning spin of the reels. The bonus if accepted takes place in the form of a fifty / fifty chance bet where players can either double or lose their entire prize fund. The substitute bonus is seen in many of the Novomatic games and works by a nominated symbol having the power to switch place with any other symbol on the board. The substitute bonus dramatically increases player’s chances of forming a winning line combination and is therefore a fantastic feature. The scatter bonus is another excellent feature which is seen in the majority of Novomatic games. The scatter works by a nominated symbol appearing anywhere on the screen a minimum of three times to award the player with either win spins of a prize payment. The random bonus can be activated at any time during a playing session, after a winning or losing spin of the reels, and rewards the player with win spins or a prize payment.

One of the best Novomatic games which have a great theme and exciting playability is the Novomatic Lucky Lady’s Charm game. The game immerses players in a fantasy world where the skies are purple and the fields are yellow. The player takes on the role of a traveler as they cross the fields looking for lucky objects which are used as currency in this weird and wonderful world. People who enjoy fantasy adventures will love this fine example of a Novomatic games as it has an excellent storyline presented with great visual and sound effects. One of the other highest played Novomatic games is the excellent Novomatic Big Catch game which features players taking part on a fishing holiday adventure. The game will appeal hugely to fans of both marine life and the sport fishing and is presented with stunning effects. The game play on offer in the slot is exceptional as there is a large twenty win line format for players to master and three great bonus rounds. The different Novomatic games offer players a fantastic amount of choice regarding various themes and all of the slots have differing game play features to enjoy.